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Dodo undergroundThe Dodo squawks and its cries are heard everywhere, amplified by the likes of  sideways and infamous record label Digidub. German perv-porn-soundtrack label Crippled Dick and the salty sea breeze of Freshly Squeezed Music.
There are several artists using the name Dodo out there but all except this original are fakers and interlopers.
1) Dodo (real name Dodo Kitching) is a multi instrumental composer and artist from London. A female songwriter, programmer and theremin player who is best known for her unique and quirky style of down-tempo ‘wonky’ electronica or what she prefers to call ‘psycho-lo-fi’.
One of the first women programmers of electronica, whose releases go back to the late 90s, she is still at the sequencer producing an oozing sonic toothpaste tube, full of off kilter sideways blips, beats and associated nonsense.

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